How to Stack Firewood in a Fireplace: A Guide for Maryland Homeowners

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If you’re a homeowner in Carroll County or Baltimore County, Maryland, with a fireplace, you likely appreciate the comfort and warmth it brings to your living space. But to enjoy a cozy fire, you’ll need properly stacked firewood. Stacking firewood isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s essential for maintaining the quality and ensuring your firewood is ready to burn. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of stacking firewood, how to choose the right location for your stack, and the best techniques for stacking firewood safely.

Why Stacking Firewood Is Important

Properly stacking your kiln-dried firewood is crucial for several reasons:

  • Protection from Moisture, Mold, and Pests: Stacking your firewood protects it from moisture, mold, and pests. If left in a pile, wood is susceptible to moisture, making it harder to burn and increasing smoke production. Pests can also find shelter in poorly stacked wood.
  • Clean Indoor Storage: Stacking your wood indoors keeps your house clean and adds a touch of rustic charm. Kiln-dried firewood, when properly stacked, eliminates concerns about mold or pests inside your home.
  • Ready to Burn: Learning how to stack firewood correctly ensures your kiln-dried firewood remains pristine and ready to burn whenever you want to start a fire.

Before we delve into the art of stacking firewood, let’s discuss choosing the ideal location for your firewood stack.

Choosing Where to Stack Firewood

Whether you’re stacking firewood outdoors or indoors, the location is crucial for maintaining wood quality and safety. Here are some best practices for selecting the right spot:

The Best Place for Outdoor Stacking:

  • Sunny Location with Good Airflow: Opt for a sunny spot with good airflow. Avoid areas that receive excessive shade during the day, and angle your stack against prevailing winds to keep your wood dry.
  • Distance from Your Home: Keep your stack away from the side of your home. Insects tend to seek shelter in wood stacks, so placing it farther reduces the risk of infestations and fire hazards.
  • Pathways and Exits: Ensure your firewood stack doesn’t obstruct pathways or exits, especially in emergencies. Avoid stacking wood under overhanging tree branches or powerlines that could cause damage or fires.
  • Drainage: Be mindful of the drainage in your chosen outdoor area. Avoid spots prone to puddles during rainstorms, as this can lead to moisture issues in your wood.

The Best Place for Indoor Stacking:

  • Adequate Airflow and Low Humidity: Indoor stacking is suitable for kiln-dried firewood, as it’s purified from insects, mold, fungus, and pesticides. However, ensure the room offers good airflow and low humidity.
  • Sufficient Space: The indoor space should have enough room to contain a stable four-foot stack of wood. Overcrowding can be a safety hazard.

Common indoor stacking areas include the garage, basement, or the living room near your fireplace.

Now that you’ve chosen the right location, let’s explore safe stacking techniques to maintain the quality of your firewood.

How to Stack Firewood Safely

Proper stacking is the key to ensuring your firewood remains dry and mold-free. Here are some safety tips and techniques for stacking firewood:

Safety First

When stacking firewood, wear gloves and boots to protect yourself from splinters and falling wood.

Raise It Off the Ground

Don’t leave your firewood directly on the ground, as it invites moisture and pests. Place pallets, boards on cinder blocks, or pressure-treated 2x4s under the stack to prevent seepage.

Allow for Airflow

Stack your firewood loosely to facilitate airflow and keep the wood dry. Even kiln-dried firewood should have end cuts exposed to minimize moisture accumulation. Leave at least a foot of space between rows and on all sides for proper airflow.

Trim Away Weeds and Plants

Maintain a clean area around your wood stack by regularly trimming grass and weeds. Foliage provides cover for critters and insects and contributes to moisture retention.

Create a Stable Structure

Only stack wood on a level surface and avoid stacks higher than four feet. For stability, stack larger pieces at the bottom and smaller ones at the top.

Provide Proper Coverage

When stacking outdoors, protect your firewood from rain. You can loosely tie a tarp over the pile or use a log store for protection.

By following these stacking techniques, you can maintain the quality of your firewood, ensuring it’s dry and ready for your next cozy fire.

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