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Firewood Delivery In Baltimore, MD

Keeping warm during the colder months can be a very expensive task. Whether it’s buying new clothes to bundle up in, or purchasing outdoor appliances to keep your home warm instead, the cost of staying warm can get out of hand quickly. The Energy Information Administration notes that the cost of propane and heating oil can reach over $1,400 per year just to keep you and your guests warm! By purchasing firewood delivery you are able to save yourself time and money. At Estate Care LLC we offer firewood delivery in Baltimore, MD and throughout Maryland. To schedule your firewood delivery with us, please click on the button below.

Create a Fun Environment with Firewood

The best part about purchasing firewood is that you get to make memories with the people you care about the most. Who doesn’t want to sit by a fire with their friends and family during a cold winter day? A fire fueled by our firewood will bring all your friends and family huddled together sharing stories and making memories. This effect is not the same with alternative heating options. Sitting next to a propane tank powering an artificial heater most likely won’t bring the same fun-friendly environment.

Firewood Landscape Supply

Here at Estate Care, The Supply Yard LLC we offer firewood at a fair price:


$255.00 /Chord

Available in Cord, Scoops, and Buckets.



Available in Cord, Scoops, and Buckets.

Firewood Can Be Stored Easily

Storing firewood can be a very simple task if done properly. Our friends from Estate Care Landscaping wanted to provide you with some tips on how to maximize the usage of your firewood. The firewood you purchase should be stored at least 6 inches off the ground. This tactic will provide you with comfort knowing that it will keep the wood dry and keep pesky insects like beetles away from your firewood. Another useful tip when storing firewood is to put a tarp or some sort of shelter over your firewood. This is an extra precaution to keep the wood dry so that it is ready for use whenever. To get the maximum use out of your firewood it is a good idea to burn the oldest logs first.

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Heavy work loads, like gathering firewood on your own, can actually create health risks. Gathering and cutting firewood creates a lot of activity for the cardiovascular systems. For home owners who do not often workout their cardiovascular system this can create major health risks and complications. The Cleveland Health Clinic notes that activities like cutting down trees for firewood can be particularly hard on your heart for a few reasons. By getting our firewood delivered to your home you can completely take this risk out of play. Let us do the work for you!