Mulch Calculator

Need a better way to see how much mulch you need? Use the Estate Care LLC Mulch Calculator!

Enter the length, width, and depth of your intended mulching area and using our calculator we can tell you exactly how much mulch you need! Most residential homes only need 3 to 4 inches of depth to mulch. 

Mulch Calculator

Regular Hardwood – $28.00/yd

Dyed Black Double Shred – $37.00/yd

Dyed Triple Shred – $40.00/yd

1-3″ Brown Stone – $140.00/yd 

1/2″ Pea Gravel – $115.00/yd 

1″ Red Stone – $155.00/yd


Screened Top Soil – $55.00/yd 

#57 Stone – $56.00/yd 

Crush Run – $56.00/yd 

Stone Dust – $56.00/yd or 

Fill Dirt – $28.00/yd 

Screen Millings – $35.00/yd